Best 8 Borage Companion Plants (+2 to Avoid)

Gardeners are aware that companion planting is a fantastic method to make the most of their gardens. Borage stands out when it comes to companion planting. In addition to being a lovely plant with exquisite blue blooms, it also has therapeutic benefits, makes a wonderful natural dye, and draws helpful insects. In this article, we’ll go over the finest borage companion plants as well as the ones you should never put next to it.

The Best Borage Companion Plants

The Best Borage Companion Plants

Companion planting is the greatest thing you can do for your borage .You may promote the development and quality of your herbs, ward off pests, and boost soil health by growing borage alongside specific other crops. Let’s have a look at the best borage companion plants:


The first member of the best borage companion plants is the tomato. Borage and tomatoes go along really well. Borage improves the general health of tomato plants and aids in the prevention of tomato hornworms. It is also proven that borage plants enhance tomato flavor!

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Strawberries and borage make a great combination. Bees and other pollinators are drawn to it, aiding in the pollination of the strawberry crop. Borage also deters slugs and aphids, two pests that can destroy strawberries. Also check this literature work for more detailed information1.

To learn more about strawberry companion plants have a look at:


Looking deeper into the list of the best borage companion plants we must stop at cucumbers! Borage and cucumbers go along naturally. Bees and other pollinators are drawn to the borage, which will aid in pollinating the cucumber blossoms. Borage is a great companion plant for cucumbers because it deters cucumber bugs and increases soil quality.

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Planting borage with brassicas like broccolicauliflower, and cabbage may be quite advantageous. Brassica plants can become stronger and healthier as a result of boreage’s ability to ward off pests like cabbage worms and enhance the condition of the soil.

Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage also have great companion plants! Here are the lists:


Borage and beans go well together. Bees and other pollinators that aid in pollinating bean blooms are drawn to the borage. Japanese beetles and other pests that can affect beans are likewise deterred by borage2.

Beans companion plants to find here:


We finish the best borage companion plants with something special! Dill and borage go well together too! Ladybugs and lacewings, which feed on dill pests like aphids and spider mites, are drawn to the borage plant.

To complete, we also have a list for the best dill companion plants:

What Not to Plant with Borage

The Best Borage Companion Plants

We just saw that borage is a great companion plant for many plants, but it’s also crucial to know what not to grow next to it. By avoiding to plant these plants alongside your borage, you can make sure that your borage plants flourish and benefit your farm or garden to the fullest:


As natural rivals, fennel and borage do not plant- them close together! Fennel’s development is hampered by borage, and the two plants cross-pollinate to create hybrid plants. This will be a disaster for you garden so definitely avoid this combination!


Bad borage companion plants are carrots because borage attract the carrot rust fly, which can harm the carrots. As soon as the neighbour carrot is harmed your borage plants will also suffer from this situation.

To finish with great news we have also prepared the best companion plants for fennel and carrots too! Check them out:


Borage is a multipurpose herb that has several advantages, including being a good companion plant. You may build a vibrant and healthy garden ecology that draws beneficial insects and wards against pests by growing borage alongside tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, brassicas, beans, and dill. However, it’s crucial to keep fennel and carrots away from borage plantings as these plants may suffer from the latter’s closeness. With the help of this guide, you may choose the best borage companion plants and enjoy a healthy garden.

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