5 Best Garlic Companion Plants + 5 Bad Neighbors

Garlic is one of the most popular and versatile plants in the kitchen. It loves the presence of neighbors. That is why garlic companion plants play a big role. Use garlic to season everything from soups to stews, and it adds a nice kick to many recipes. Also, plant garlic as an ornamental plant. It grows into a bulbous plant with beautiful purple flowers. Whether you’re looking for culinary or ornamental uses for the garlic plants you are right here. Garlic companion plants help you achieve these goals faster!

Garlic in a Nutshell

Garlic in a Nutshell

Garlic is a great food for your garden! Not only does it add flavor to your meals, but it can also improve soil and prevent pests. If you grow garlic in your garden, you’ll be able to eat fresh garlic all year long. Plant them in the fall when temperatures are cool (50 degrees Fahrenheit). One inch deep and four inches apart is the right way to plant. Water enough once a week until leaves appear about six weeks later. Harvest when tops turn brown by pulling the bulbs apart. Use pruning shears if needed.

Companion Planting with Garlic

Garlic is a versatile companion plant that repels pests and attracts beneficial insects. Besides pests, garlic also repels aphids, mites, thrips, rabbits, mice, and deer. Garlic also helps deter onion flies, cabbage moths, and worms as well as corn borers. It’s also a great companion plant for cabbage since it will help keep out the dreaded cabbage worms!

Garlic is a member of the Allium family, which includes onions and chives. The common garlic has an edible bulb that grows underground. It’s often used as a seasoning in cooking and herbal medicine. Some people grow garlic to eat fresh or dry it and store it for use all year-round. Many herbs are good garlic companion plants because they help one another grow better. Others are considered bad garlic companion plants because they can stunt each other’s growth or even cause harm to one another. Let’s have a look at them!

Best Garlic Companion Plants

Best Garlic Companion Plants


Broccoli as Companion

Broccoli helps to repel pests and attract beneficial insects to keep your garlic healthy. The Brassicaceae family in general gets well with garlic.

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Best Kale Companion Plants

Kale is also a member of the Brassicaceae family. Yes, you guessed it right! It also goes well with garlic. From the beginning, it helps to repel pests and lures beneficial insects. 

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Cauliflower with Garlic

The same as above is also true for cauliflower. Besides being healthy and tasty, cauliflower also helps your garlic grow. With its presence, many beneficial insects get attracted. 

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Basil as Garlic Companion Plants

Basil attracts ladybugs that can help get rid of aphids on your garlic plants. If you’re growing basil with your garlic, make sure to pinch off some leaves so they have room to grow. On the other side don’t harvest too much or you’ll stunt its growth!

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Carrots as Garlic Companion Plants

I know it’s surprising that carrots are good for growing next to garlic! They are very popular garlic companion plants. The truth is that carrots will help prevent disease in garlic’s roots. This works by clogging their pores so pathogens can’t get into them! They also add nutrients back into the soil when they decompose after harvesting your crop. Growing carrots with other crops like tomatoes or potatoes lead to increased productivity. These companion plants will boost each other’s nutrient levels through cross-pollination.

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What not to Grow with Garlic

What not to plant with garlic

Beans and onions are a no-go with garlic1. These two plants all have strong aromas that can be off-putting to those who love garlic’s strong smell. They also prefer similar growing conditions. So, if you grow one then the other will suffer for lack of nutrients or water supplies.

On the other side, these two plants get along well with other neighbors!

Beans & Onions

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Cabbage affects the growth of leek species negatively. It is strong competition for nutrients, which usually leads to the fact that the garlic plants grow puny. They do not form cloves or only very small ones.

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