8 of the Greatest Rosemary Companion Plants (and 3 to Avoid)

Which plants are the best rosemary companion plants? Because it is a Mediterranean herb, rosemary thrives in nutrient-poor soil. It also uses little water. As a result, it prefers to be in a planter with its companions. Learn more about the ideal rosemary companion plants in this article.

Advantages of Rosemary Companion Planting

Advantages of Rosemary Companion Plants

You can conserve space and lessen pests in your garden by using companion planting! Luckily, there are enough rosemary companion plants. Companion planting is a great gardening technique. It attracts good bugs and other beneficial species. It involves plants that thrive when grown close to one another. Either because they are similar or because one plant fills a need for the other.

You may conserve space by growing more food on a smaller amount of land. You can achieve this by adopting companion planting techniques. Additionally, you’ll be able to ward off pests without the use of pesticides. This is great for the environment! Another benefit? It reduces costs!

Some various vegetables and herbs work well with rosemary. It keeps harmful insects out of the garden beds, such as mites and whiteflies. By releasing substances into the air that prevent mold from sprouting on leaves, rosemary also helps in the prevention of fungus illnesses that harm your plants.

Rosemary Companion Plants

Best Rosemary Companion Plants

The finest rosemary companion plants are those that also need similar growing conditions. Because of its Mediterranean heritage, rosemary needs full sunlight. Also, it needs soil that drains well. You can grow them in containers, but it does best outdoors, on the ground. 

Rosemary can withstand droughts and has a big taproot that helps it absorb water. Once you have planted rosemary, you will always have plants because it is a perennial. The ideal plants to grow with rosemary are:

Benefits of Companion Planting Carrots and Rosemary 

Best Carrot Companion Plants

Carrots are not only too nutritious, but they also create excellent flavoring pastes. Combine carrots with rosemary1 for a bumper yield. Rosemary is effective against carrot flies.

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Basil and Rosemary as Companions

Basil as a companion plant

Basil is a great rosemary companion plant. It defends its younger neighbors from powdery mildew and whiteflies. The best thing about basil is, that it is compatible with all kinds of herbs. Besides rosemary, it is also a good planting partner for chives or parsley.

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Planting Rosemary with Other Herbs

what not to plant with lavender

It is worthwhile to construct a herb bed or spiral if you have adequate room in the garden. A spiral of herbs is ornamental. In specialist stores, you can buy pre-made herb spirals. But with a little practice, you can plant the spiral yourself. It gives you the chance to cultivate many herbs in a tiny space. This spiral can contain suitable rosemary companion plants. These include herbs like oregano, thyme, basil, dill, lavender, coriander, and marjoram.

Bad Neighbors of Rosemary

Bad Rosemary Neighbors

Tomatoes need a lot more water than rosemary can bear, even though both plants may survive in identical temperate circumstances. Additionally, rosemary can drain the soil of essential nutrients for tomatoes very fast. This could harm the tomato plant.

As herbs, tarragon and rosemary do not get along. Long-term use of rosemary and tarragon together in a herb pot is not recommended. While tarragon needs a lot of water, rosemary prefers a dry environment.

You should also plant mint and rosemary apart from one another. Mint can be a space-hogging herb in your garden and could be overwhelming. When combined, these herbs may compete for space because rosemary may grow up to four feet tall.

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